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The World Peace Diet

Will Tuttle

I recently completed Will Tuttle's The World Peace Diet Mastery Series and Facilitator Training. You may know Will from his best-selling book, The World Peace Diet, Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony.

Will has done the groundwork for understanding the core causes of peace and those causes that prevent peace. I am greatly appreciative and I will be including his philosophy and findings in my teaching.

I am also happy to announce the World Peace Diet Study Group! We are beginning in June 2011, click here for more information.

Peace for All Beings

His book and teachings provide the historical perspective and a very convincing association between our diet and a very viable achievement of world peace. For all.

Will reminds us of our true love of the animal kingdom, a love we have disassociated ourselves from and forgotten. Animals have feelings, families, and a life purpose, as we do. They must be allowed to live their purpose. This is the first principle of Will's teaching. It rather puts our veganism, diet, and nutrition into perspective.

When the place from which we act is compassion, our choices are clearly seen and our decisions are naturally for the good of all.

The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training Program

Will is now offering the online Mastery Series and the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training Program.

I highly recommend the Mastery Series whether you are vegetarian or a vegan or contemplating this path. I feel this training will complement any spiritual way and you will certainly be sure upon completion of this series whether you want to be a vegan.

If you are a vegan and wanting to take your activism to the next level or would like to build community around Will's teaching. Definitely sign up for the 8 week Facilitator Training and become a mentor.

Will has a waiting list for the next Mastery Series and Facilitator Training. Click here to hear the preview call or simply register. I have attended this series and I can tell you the wisdom gained and the opportunity to be in community with like minded individuals from all over the world is precious.

The World Peace Diet at Purdue University

At Purdue University, a professor just finished an entire semester course with only The World Peace Diet as the textbook! This was offered as an honors course in Health and Human Sciences. What an adventure that course was
for those students. (a recent note from Will Tuttle).