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Tara Gardner

Raw Chef, Nutrition Educator,
Healer, Teacher

I am honored and delighted to be a part of anything that connects people to
light and love.

I am passionate about healing, nutrition, and food, and the peace and compassion
they bring to our lives when all is in balance.

I am delighted to work with the angelic realm and the ascended masters to be a
conduit of their light and love, and of their peace, healing, and guidance.

I have cultivated an understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies and how each of these must be supported and in balance for long term results. It is my intention and heartfelt desire to bring knowledge and the truth of self healing to all.

A longtime vegetarian and currently a mostly raw food vegan; I know the joy that an organic raw and vegan living food diet brings to your personal life as well as the animal beings, the earth and all she supports. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this knowledge!

I am certified from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute as a Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator. This program is science based, free of fads and hype, and has provided me with a wealth of information about the true benefits of a raw vegan diet.

In 2011 I became a facilitator for The World Peace Diet as taught by Dr. Will Tuttle.

I bring the divine and sacred into my work in a non-denominational inclusive way, receiving and giving guidance where there is permission and where it is appropriate.

All who have an affinity with this intention please join us for the next adventure in healing.

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