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Organic Vegan Whole Food

Nutrition and Food Preparation Class

In the Synergy class series you will certainly learn about raw and cooked vegan food and nutrition.

You will learn why a raw food diet is so beneficial.

You will learn how to prepare raw vegan food.

My intention though is to create a shift in you so that you may make a life change towards perfect health and to provide tools that you may use for the rest of your life.

Intention, Nutrition, and Food

syn·er·gy : Where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
From the Greek "syn-ergos" which means working together.
1. The interaction of two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum
of their individual effects.
2. Cooperative interaction among groups that creates an enhanced combined effect.

Day 1: Intend

We will set our personal and group intentions, create affirmations, release, and heal.

Day 2: Learn

We will understand the core nutritional causes of our current conditions.

Day 3: Create

We will create and feast on healing and nutritious food.

Day 4: Synergize

We will put it all together. Next steps.

$223 for all 4 classes.

Contact Tara Gardner for the next class schedule.

* Note: This is only a brief description of the classes. The group dynamics will determine much of the class content.

The classes are four consecutive weeks, one day each week in west Los Angeles, California.
Each class is 4 hours long with a snack and beverage break. The Create class includes a meal.